My name is Xia Carstens. Born and raised in Pretoria, I was lured to South Africa’s cultural capital Cape Town at the end of 2012. Even from a very young age I was fascinated by art in all its forms and it was clear that I would thrive in a creative career. This led to a decision to study graphic design at the Design School of South Africa (DSSA), which gave me the opportunity not only to express myself creatively, but also helped to develop important foundation skills such as practical applications of the latest software and an understanding of trends in contemporary art and design.

I find inspiration and beauty wherever I am. This goes hand in hand with a strong desire to keep learning and to ahead of the curve in an ever-changing artistic sphere. The current boom in the Cape Tow film industry is one avenue where I am confident of fresh applications of my skills and the fact that I am presented with as many exciting and creative threads as are available is an assurance that whatever career path I follow, I’m in the right trade. I know that with the right mentorship and guidance I can only flourish.

Please note that some of the work in this Portfolio (including the Nedbank Investments website) were done by agencies, of which I was part of the team and not solely done by me.

Enjoy my website further, click on the pretty, shiny things, and please feel free to get in contact. My CV is available upon request.